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So - you were wondering what your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matchmaking stats are? We've got the answer! All the matchmaking replays have so much information inside, why don't use it and show your performance to everyone around the world?

TabStats uses a desktop client software (TabStats client). This software gets your last eight matchmaking match ids with the help of Boiler.exe (in this case it's boiler-writter). Afterwards it sends the match ids to this website, which anaylzes the replays (I used DemoInfo for this), saves the important match data to a database and generates statistics for every player in the specific game(s).

To have reliable statistics you should try to analyze all your matchmaking replays.

Coming up

  • General stats for each weapon
  • Tracking list

How does it work?

Step #1

Download TabStats Client

Download »

Step #2

Run and use the TabStats Client.

Instruction »

Step #3

Now you can watch your stats on the TabStats website.

Browse stats »