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After 19 years of loving Counter-Strike I am done with this game. I didn't even notice the panoramia ui release. Not because of cheaters or anything. It's a personal thing. More than once a person who I used to call a really good friend, if not one of the best, whom I originally met through cstrike showed their real face to me.

It's not the first time something like that happened to me, but this time it was the toughest of these situations. Tougher than the time my old CS 1.6 clan leader died. It was sad, but he didn't disrespect my friendship and loyalty. I am done with people I meet over some stupid video game who don't understand that friendship means a lot to me. And that I don't care how we met eachother or how far away we are geographically separated. Friendship is key. Loyalty is key.

I don't want to get twisted around someone's little finger anymore, just to get pushed away and thrown away like trash in blink of an eye. Without having the guts to talk about some issues and problems, after getting critized themselves. It happened more than once by people I met via this stupid game. But this time is enough.

See you my good old buddy CS, I really loved you